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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Needing Prayers

Before I get too carried away with an update, I have a VERY SPECIAL request tonight. We need some prayers...not for us, but for someone who has played a MASSIVE role on getting Kaylee to where she is today. Without going too far down memory lane...when Kaylee was born, her little hands were in tight little fists that wouldn't open, and movement was very limited. Along came Shannon, the OT at Mercy, and she began to work with Kaylee. She would pop into Kaylee's room with a bubbly personality, and a belief in Kaylee that was beyond anything I could imagine. She never once doubted that Kaylee would have full range of motion with her hands and fingers, or that Kaylee would one day be able to crawl and walk.  Throughout her time with Kaylee, we became pretty close with Shannon. She has a spunk about her that absolutely draws you in. Last week, Shannon gave birth to a beautiful little boy named Hudson. Here is where the prayers come in...Hudson's heart isn't working the way it needs to. Today he underwent one of multiple surgeries to try to correct the problem. Please, please, please, say a prayer for baby Hudson, his amazing mommy, Shannon, and his daddy, James. We have seen first hand how much the power of prayer can do, and this little guy needs it now.

As for us...we are great! We spent our fist Easter at home, all together!!! The last two Easter's, Kaylee has been in the hospital. It was so awesome to get up on Sunday morning and be together as a family, and not have to split our day between kids. Dylan and Kaylee both enjoyed an egg hunt, but probably Dylan more than Kaylee. She was doing good with it as first, but once she found an orange egg, it was all over. She could have cared less about the other eggs, as long as she had the orange one. :-) The Easter Bunny spoiled both kids multiple times. I don't remember the bunny ever being so good to me!!
We spent that day at my parent's house with my grandparents, Troy's mom, and my Uncle Joe all being there too. It was really fun to have the family together for the day. Both kids were soaking up all the attention. Miss Kaylee enjoyed herself so much that she didn't even take a nap. You would have never known either...she just kept truckin' along. However, when it came time for bed that night, she was out! Her heart rate was at 73bpm...which is pretty low for her!

We are gearing up for another busy weekend this weekend. My sister and her family are coming back from Minnesota. Dylan is SO excited to get to play tractors/trucks with his cousins Luke and Evan. He is counting down the days, and informed me today, that it would be more fun if he and Luke could play at Nana's house! I tried not to let it hurt my feelings, but honestly, what's so wrong with ME and OUR house?!?!? :-) Another big event this weekend will be celebrating Evan's 1st birthday!!! We are a couple weeks early in celebrating, but are thankful we get to share his day with him. I'm sure by Sunday evening, I'll have two very tired children, and I'm sure I'll be just as tired.

I'm sure there is more to post, but it is 11:00 and I still have lesson plans to write for tomorrow...oops, too much time on Facebook tonight. :-)

Hope everyone is well, and PLEASE don't forget to send a prayer up for baby Hudson tonight!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Hot off the press...

WOW! Funny how communication can get lost between Troy and I! We have both just decided that we need to seriously work on this! So earlier tonight I posted that we were having issues getting nurses to staff our case.....ya, strike that! We had one nurse who covered one day a week, and she too quit this week, BUT they have already replaced her. AND apparently they have hired two new nurses to cover our weekends as well! YEAH for our nursing agency...they have things all figured out!

Now, if Troy and I could figure out how we could maybe talk at night rather than just sitting across the room from each other, I could save myself from having to update, an update of this blog! Too funny....

Movin' on up

So apparently I've been slacking off here lately! I didn't realize it had been so long since I had last updated. Oops! I guess however, no news is good news. That seems to be the story here at the Hoepker house.

I don't think we've had any major events in the last two weeks, just more of the same things. We are still having a little trouble with the nursing situation. Both of our weekend nurses have quite, so as of now, we have no coverage during the day on the weekends. Our case manager had emailed, probably two weeks ago, to let us know she had interviewed and hired someone, but I've not heard anything from her since. I'm just gonna keep my fingers crossed that everything falls into place...what more can I do?

I was a little worried earlier in the week, Kaylee started with a low grade fever and a higher heart rate. Her nose was slightly runny and she was coughing just a tad, but not really enough to make me think it was a cold. After talking to her pediatrician, he decided he didn't need to see her, but we needed to keep a close eye on her. So, while my attention is on her, Dylan ends up with an ear infection! Poor kid, I went to pick him up at daycare and he just looked pretty miserable. Luckily for me, we have an AWESOME family doctor who was able to see Dylan that afternoon, even though I hadn't called until 4:30pm. After two doses of an antibiotic he was back at full pace again! In the meantime, Kaylee seemed to be making some small improvements. She was still needing some O2 while sleeping, but her fever had broke and her heart rate was much lower. Today, she is back to normal, and a new molar has slowly emerged...guess that would explain the rough part of the week!

Kaylee has certainly enjoyed the nicer weather. She's been swinging in her swing and going for walks in her stroller. She absolutely loves it outside. In fact, trying to get her out of her swing when she isn't ready, is a definite aerobic exercise for mom. I can't wait for it to finally stay nice out so we call all be out enjoying it. I'm also anxious to see how she reacts to the grass. Dylan hated it when he was little, but Miss Kaylee seems to have NO fear, so I'm sure she'll do just fine with it.

I guess we do have some exciting news....we are moving! We aren't going far, just to Cromwell. My grandparents have decided to build a smaller house, so we will be buying theirs. We'll be right across the street from them and my parents. While living right across the street from my parents is a little overwhelming, it will be such a positive thing for our family. Beyond our nurses, and Troy and I, my mom is the only other person who knows how to handle all of Kaylee's cares. We call on them all the time to help us out, so having them right there makes things easier on them as well. I think my grandparents are super excited at the opportunity to get to see Dylan and Kaylee everyday, and I know Dylan is very excited about it too.

Oh, one more thing...totally not about Kaylee, but still exciting to me, Dylan went to Kindergarten Kickoff last week. I'm not gonna lie, I cried when the paperwork came home. How did he get to be this old so fast?? I have SO enjoyed watching him grow these past years, and it seems like once they are in school, it just flies by! Probably the thing I am most proud of, is how brave he was. I remember in the fall, when it came time for preschool, he was so scared and nervous. Last week, he was so laid back and ready for whatever came at him. He didn't shed a tear! I'm so grateful for everything his preschool teachers have done for him, and am looking forward to seeing how much he grows in the next year.

Hug your kids tight....God knows, they grow up WAY too fast!