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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

On The Road Again

Hey everyone! I'm doing hasn't been 6 months since my last post! That has to count for something right?

The last 3 months have been pretty uneventful, which is how we like it! We did have a little scare in March. Kaylee tripped and fell and knocked her two front teeth loose. I was torn on whether or not to take her in for a dentist to look at it. I kept telling myself, "they're baby teeth, what can they do?" but then my next thought was, "Jeez, what if it messes up her permanent teeth?" So, we were lucky and Dr. Tilley agreed to check her out for us. I really didn't want to drive to her pediatric dentist in Des Moines if this was going to be no big deal. Usually with Kaylee, everything is a BIG deal, but this time, it wasn't. I think we were in Dr. Tilley's office for a whole 10 minutes, including the wait time. He said they'd tighten right up and she would be fine. GREAT NEWS!!!

This winter really went well for Kaylee. She was never sick with anything more than maybe just a little cold. She even managed to stay healthy during Dylan's bout with pneumonia. She did receive her Synagiss (not exactly sure how it is spelled)  shot each month from November through April. This is a preventative shot to help against respiratory issues. She isn't a fan of getting them, and I'm not a fan of the cost, but they worked! I really shouldn't complain, insurance picked up the cost of them, THANK GOD! $10,000 a shot...yep, that is right, no typo here! I still struggle with how a company can charge so much money for a "preventative" medicine. There are no guarantees that it will work, but luckily for us, it did its job. They usually only approve this shot for the first year of life, and you are lucky to get it a second year. I never imagined they'd allow it for a third year, but with her muscle weakness, they probably see this as a cheaper option.

As April and May came around we started to have the conversation of Kaylee going to preschool. It hardly seems possible for her to be ready for this, but she is, and she really needs the interaction with other kids her age. So, in September, Kaylee will start going to preschool two days a week and then will also go in to the ECC (Early Childhood Center) on a third day to work on her communication skills with her SLP (speech language pathologist). We've have several meetings to get everything in place and we have just a few other little things to work out, such as nursing hours. We are lucky in that Kaylee's nurse will get to go with her to preschool. This will make the transition so much easier for her. It will change around some of our nursing hours, so we'll have to get that worked out too. It seems crazy to be on this side of things. Being an educator, I always see things from that side of the desk, but now I'm on the other side, and it is pretty scary. I want the best for Kaylee and I want her challenged, but knowing what is "best" is difficult to pin point. The school has been GREAT to work with and have really assured us that they'll do what is best for Kaylee. We have some great support from the AEA (Area Education Agency) to help ensure Kaylee is getting the proper support.

Summer has arrived and I have a feeling it will be gone before we know it. We'll head to Rochester on Tuesday for some follow up appointments and Kaylee's tonsillectomy. The ENT doctor would really like us to stay in Rochester for the 10 days following her appointment, but I'm not sure that is going to be best for Kaylee. We'd really like to come home so she could be with familiar nurses and have more one-on-one care. We'll have to discuss this when we get there. There is a 2 - 4% chance of a bleed after surgery, so the ENT doctor would like us to stay close, rather than have that happen on the way home. However, we feel like we can map out hospitals along the way until we get to Ames and then be fine.  I fully understand her concern, but I just think Kaylee will do better at home with familiar surroundings and nurses. Please say a prayer for her, to get through surgery without any complications and to heal quickly without any setbacks. We know we have a great ENT doing the procedure, but we also know how powerful prayer is. We are planning to stay in Rochester for a few days after her surgery and then we'll head home. We'll have to return for a 10 day follow up, but we have some other appointments wet for then as well. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything will go smoothly, as the rest of the year seems to have!

In July we'll be heading to St. Louis to celebrate the wedding of my cousin. Dylan will be the ring bearer and Kaylee the flower girl. I'm super excited to see them both all dressed up and am hoping for some great pictures too!

Just last week Dylan turned 6! I still have a hard time believing that 6 years have passed since God blessed us with him. It makes me sad that he grows so fast, but he makes us laugh everyday. He is such an amazing brother to Kaylee. She adores him, and he her. I hope they always keep the bond they share.

I guess that sums everything up for now. I'm sure I'll have more to post later next week.
Hope all is well for all of you. Enjoy your summer and spend lots of time loving on your family!

OH MY GOSH...I almost forgot! Our family grew by one last weekend. We welcomed a Fox Red Lab, named Red, to our family. Both Dylan and Kaylee think he is great, and Troy and I are pretty smitten on him too. He is the sweetest thing! Troy and I have both talked about what a great stress reliever he is. We've enjoyed this week of playing with him each night, as a family.  Here's a picture of our sweet puppy!